About Us

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Keros in a village. The standard of living there was very bad due to the strict centralized management of the local kingdom. A few years later, Keros grew up and became the smartest woman in the village. Finances in the village are all well managed by her, and life in the village is getting better day by day. One day, the ministers in the kingdom felt that Keros' intelligence would threaten their status and decided to get rid of her. A kind soldier secretly brought the news back to the village. Keros has no choice but to ask for help from the witch of the Big Forest. The witch saw that Keros has a kind heart and decided to give her the Horn of Wisdom. With the help of the Horn of Wisdom, Keros successfully prevented the kingdom's invasion with sorcery and her intelligence. After that, Keros implemented a new financial system named DeFi with her knowledge. With the operation of DeFi, Keros became the local queen and created her own magic kingdom called MonoKeros.


Our Team


La Paz @ ThamCH

I'm the founder of Monokeros. I'm also a Chinese Community Builder for Minswap. I have two years of DeFi experience and have been with CNFT since Yummi Series 1. I have a vision that is connecting CNFT communities and DeFi to a better future. #CLAY9146



A collection of 5,555 Monokeros citizens


Quarter 2

-Marketing and partnership

-Release Lite paper
-Monokeros NFT minting
-Collaboration priority for DeFi
-DeFi pass minting

Quarter 4

-CNFTcon at Las Vegas


-MK holders vote for next LP staking.

Quarter 3

-Website upgrade
-Vote for DeFi investment strategy

-Provide LP in DEX (After Vote)

-Provide borrowing and lending in platform (After Vote)

-Wallet Snapshot

-Airdrop rewards to DeFi Pass holders (monthly basis)

-Open Proposal Submission for MK holders



Monokeros NFT.png

Monokeros NFT

- DeFi Pass whitelist

- cNFTCON 2022, Las Vegas meet up

- Voting power for DeFi investment strategy

- Whitelist spots for other projects

- Cool profile picture of course

Defi Pass.png

DeFi Pass

- 80% of  revenue will provide to DEX liquidity pool & Borrowing and Lending platform

- Boost Cardano DEX Total TVL

- Monthly reward distribution

- 90% of royalties will add to the DEX LP to increase the rewards